Limit the files you want your customer to upload

We’ve recently added a new feature allowing you to decide, how many files you want your users to upload.

In the “Permissions” section of details of the button view, there are two new fields, “Minimum files” and “Maximum files”

When you set it up, there will be an info about how many files are uploaded, and how many is possible. User will not be able to upload more files than the “Maximum files” value, and will be required to upload as many files as set on the “Minimum files”.

If you use a “Form attachment” mode and you put the button inside the form, on the submit, there will be an information if file count does not match required one, preventing the form from submitting.


New additional html attributes

There are also additional html attributes on the “data-plane-upload” element, so it is simpler for using it in the web applications, which are:

  • data-plane-upload-files-count=”..” – the count of the uploaded files
  • data-plane-upload-is-uploading=”..” – 1 if uploading, 0 if not

Python and Javascript (NodeJS) examples now available in the API docs!

We are happy to announce that we’ve recently added ready to use code examples for Javascript (NodeJS) and Python to the existing PHP and Curl in the  API docs section and in the prepared code from “Installation code tab”.

How it looks now in the API docs section:

And prepared code:

Prepared code contents where you have folders for each programming language:

What is PlaneUpload?

PlaneUpload ( is a FREE web based widget that you can easily install on your web application.

– Files stored in your cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 or (S)FTP server
– Easy to install: just copy / paste the code
– Customizable: change colors and add your CSS code
– Secure: all files are stored in your clouds
– Backups: easy to set second cloud, where all files are copied to
– API Access: Full access to your files via server-side API
– Compression: click “Download as zip” to download compressed file or set up auto compression for all files to use less traffic and storage
– Logs: all file actions are logged
– Comments: you can add comments to any file
– Miniatures: thumbnails for hundreds of file types